Yoga and Recovery

Why Yoga?

At Bikini Boss we love to work hard and recover harder! Sufficient recovery is just as important as your workout itself and one of the best ways to practice active recovery and promote greater health and well-being is by incorporating yoga into your weekly routine. 
Yoga helps to increase flexibility by preventing tightness and rigidness in your muscles, especially after lifting, which can eventually lead to reduced mobility, less activation in the muscle, imbalances, and eventually injury when left unaddressed. Yoga also builds muscular strength and tone through isometric contraction and can improve respiration, energy, and vitality!
We recommend incorporating at least 1-2 yoga sequences into your active rest days each week. You can choose from our library of follow along videos below depending on the area of focus you desire.


Hip Opening & Mobility

Restorative Recovery

Twist and Shout! (Minus the Shout)

Core Strengthening