Full Bandz and Bodyweight

This full body workout will hit everything from your shoulders to your hamstrings and all the muscles in between. All you need is roughly 30 minutes, a set of resistance bands (preferably non-looped), and your bodyweight.  This workout is great to do in conjunction with one of our ignite, sculpt, or shred workouts when you don’t have access to the gym, weights, are traveling, or need something you can do anywhere, anytime. Pack your resistance band in your suitcase or purse and get to work! There’s even a bonus core circuit at the end to build that strong and sculpted midsection.

Pushups (from knees is fine)


Resistance Band Rows


Resistance Band Shoulder Press

Mountain Climbers

Resistance Band Pulldowns (can use door strap)

Reverse Crunch

Glute Bridges

Banana Rocks