Anywhere, Anytime Bodyweight BURN

No weights, no gym, no equipment, NO PROBLEM! All you need for this workout is your beautiful body, but don’t underestimate it… You will be getting that heart rate up and feeling the burn!! This workout is great to do in conjunction with one of our ignite, sculpt, or shred workouts when you don’t have access to the gym, weights, are traveling, or need something you can do anywhere, anytime. Make this workout even more fun by taking it outdoors to the park or the beach and get some vitamin D at the same time!


Squat Pulses

Squat Jumps

Push Up Shoulder Tap


Shoulder Taps

Step Up into Curtsy Lunge

Split Squat

Lunge Jumps

Tricep Dips

Reverse Table Top Toe Touch

Plank Reach