Bikini Boss AMRAP

Another variation of high intensity interval training is the AMRAP workout. This workouts stands for “as many rounds as possible”, meaning that you go through each circuit of exercises, performing the listed reps, and repeating the circuit for as many rounds as possible during a specified timeframe. This workout can be done 2-3 times/week after strength and resistance training, or as a standalone workout if you are short on time and need something quick yet effective. We recommend pairing this with our Sculpt workout programs. AMRAP is designed so you can gauge how you’re progressing, by tracking how many more rounds or reps you completed in the timeframe compared to last time, so make sure to keep track and push yourself!

Circuit One Exercises


Ice Skater Jumps

Bicycle Kicks

Side to Side Squat

Lunge Jumps w/Jab

Circuit Two Exercises

Push Up w/Jack

Jumping Jack Bicep Curl


Tricep Dips

Burpee Mountain Climbers